The Delta

The Delta is officially a bar, but it’s a market, too: the traders come from everywhere, and they’ll sell you anything.

That’s Heward at the piano. He’ll play any tune you can think of, even if you’ve just made it up. And Sann, behind the bar, knows the true name of everything. He could tell you the name of The Delta, if you had the capacity to hear it. (You don’t.)

But the patrons are the stars. From them you can get a sunny day, or a secret, or a safe path, or a soul. If you’ve got the coin.


One Response to “The Delta”

  1. chaosdreaming Says:

    I like the idea of the patrons being the stars, it makes you wonder what the others look like, because, with stars (as I am envisioning blue dwarfs alongside super novas with the use of some kind of temporospatial claudications) as your patrons, how human could you be?

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