Deja Vu

“This happened before.” Almost a question.

He looked at her sideways. “What?”

“Yeah.” Trees whipped past the window. “You were driving. And I was wearing this sweater. And then I said what’s your favourite season?”

“My favourite season?”

“You don’t have to answer. It’s autumn.”

“I don’t remember this. What happens next?”

“Next?” She craned her neck back, looked through the sunroof. “Then we hit a bump. And you say you think we have a flat, and we pull over, in that nice little clearing up ahead.”

He blinked, smiled. “And then?”

“We never get around to changing the flat.”


One Response to “Deja Vu”

  1. amber [max's friend] Says:

    i love this. so much. i don’t even know why i love it so much. i suppose because it’s mostly dialogue and it just draws you in. the desciption is there just enough so you have a good idea of the people and where they are and the feelings between them. i think it’s an incredible talent that you have because all of these are enough to make you want to keep reading but done in such a way that beacuse they don’t go on, you still feel like you have a good grip on what’s happening. and they’re complete. [even if i do want to read more]. brilliant 🙂

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