The Capes

“TREMBLE, PUNY HUMANS!” roars Nemesaur. “I HAVE –

“Whoa,” says Unstoppable Joe. “Dial that back. You’re not Spinal Tap.”

“Yeah,” says Kid Stupendous. “Who?”

“Seriously? You don’t know -”


“Give us a minute Nemmy.” Joe stops, looks at the beast. “Wait, is that new armour?”


“You look like a Zord,” says the Kid.

“That was Power Rangers.”

“Of course.”

“You couldn’t have done Transformers, at least?”

“Sorry gramps, but -”

Nemesaur stomps, gnashes his teeth. “I WILL FEAST ON YOUR MARROW!

Joe says, “Shut up for a second,” and throws a car at him.


One Response to “The Capes”

  1. Well, that’s hilarious. I’ll kindly request that this gets its own story thread.

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