Jonah and Dice

Jonah’s being kind of a dick. I get it, his hands are bloody or something, he’s going crazy but so’s everybody, right?

I’m trying to show him this bird bath. There’s a statue of a raven on the edge, surrounded by a silver cage like a shell.

“That looks familiar,” says Jonah, pointing to this stone girl screaming.

Whatever. He thinks someone’s been following us since the ballroom.

Something hisses in a bush, but I get that itch that I get, so I push down on the raven’s head. The stones around the birdbath descend and become a stairwell.



One Response to “Jonah and Dice”

  1. I love that you switched the narrator! Couldn’t you write more than 100 words for just this one story? I want to know what happens!

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