The Ballad of the Ineluctable and Contrary Grath

You can’t possibly comprehend Grath, the Shaper, God-King, unless you’ve been out to coffee with him or something.

Stones quake at his name, and the heavens flex with his breath. His father was a storm and his mother the sun’s fire. His sister’s name is Jill. She works in real estate.

He slew the Farelic Beast and silenced the Screaming Winds. He bears the Nameless Blade, has only cried at the movies twice, and is clothed in the Ghost Armour of Muc’Thai. He has a stuffed moose named Chocolate.

You shall know when he draws near. He tends to hum.


2 Responses to “The Ballad of the Ineluctable and Contrary Grath”

  1. This one made me laugh, especially the part about Jill.
    I’ve read it about 10 times already in the last five minutes….nice work. 😀

  2. Andrea Dupuis Says:

    I saw Grath this morning while getting the mail. He was humming, he was subtle and I wouldn’t have noticed him except he had a rather crooked smile of knowing I knew who he was.

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