Becca and the Sky Whale

They rode the winds until Becca got sleepy, and then the Sky Whale swam up to a dragon-shaped cloud. Becca crawled across its neck and carved a bed out of the marshmallowy cloud-stuff in its mouth.

“Whale?” said Becca. “Why aren’t there more of you?”

“There are,” said the Sky Whale, its voice a gentle thunder.

“But we haven’t seen any.”

The Sky Whale turned one great glassy eye towards the wild blue stars. “We each have our own places to watch.”

“Don’t you like each other?”

“Very much. Sometimes the skies conspire to keep you from those you love.”


One Response to “Becca and the Sky Whale”

  1. This reminds me of the cover for Flight Volume 4. I can imagine a children’s novel about these two.

    Damnit, I want a Sky Whale.

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