Agent Heart

She enters on knife heels in a red dress, and everybody wants to fuck her. But she goes to a table in the corner where the Fat Man is smoking a cigar. There’s a rustle of hearts breaking.

“So glad you could join me,” the Fat Man oozes.

“I’d never miss the chance,” says Heart.

She gets bored halfway through the salad course. The Fat Man dries up the room, like a sponge. So she poisons his drink – so easy she doesn’t have to think about it – and excuses herself.

She’s already in the lobby when she hears the scream.


2 Responses to “Agent Heart”

  1. Haha, awesome – I was hoping for more on the Agents.

    (You don’t waste a word, huh? One of my favorites for imagery.)

  2. this is wonderful… deserves to be a novel 🙂

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