UPDATE: Creations abound.

Meet Olga Nunes. She’s something of a marvel. I first became familiar with her work as NeilGaiman.com’s once and future WebElf, a magical, elusive creature who made the site tick. When her identity was revealed to the world, it came out that she is also an amazing singer-songwriter, and I’ve been listening to the stuff on her Myspace for months. Of course, this whole time I’ve been reading the Fabulist, a wicked-cool blog whose contributors scour the internet and bring back wonderful little bits of music and art and, um, toast. It only came clear to me yesterday that Olga, WebElf was also Olga-from-Fabulist, the founder and editor-in-chief.

Here’s the point: Olga, loosely inspired by Two Minutes, has started her own tiny creative project called the Minute Minute Month. Like Chasing Concordia, she’s writing a one-minute-roughly song three days a week. The first six are already up on her site, and they’re superb.

Go. Listen. Love.

But that’s not all! Olga’s project inspired some of her friends, and now even more tiny creations are flitting about the web. Belinda Casas and Elaine Doyle have started writing 600 character stories three days a week, and Glenn Davidson is doing a sketch every couple of days on draft:exclusion. Two very cool projects that you need to see.

(Belinda reminded me, in a comment, that I should point you to Waterstone’s What’s Your Story? contest, where you can write your own 600 character stories on cool little story cards for the chance to win fabulous prizes (I think). You can also read tiny stories written by a bunch of cool writers, among them detective stories by Tom Stoppard and Neil Gaiman, and J.K. Rowling’s unprequel to Harry Potter. Belinda’s got a story up in the gallery called “Suspended.” Mine’s in there, too; it’s called “Vanisher.”)

And I suppose now is as good a time as any to point (once again) to Brendan Adkin’s Ommatidia/Anacrusis, my inspiration for Two Minutes.


One Response to “UPDATE: Creations abound.”

  1. wow… it’s official, we are declaring this The Summer of Creation, Brendan’s stories are breathtaking, I didn’t see a place to leave a comment, so I’m leaving it here, wow.

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