Juror #2

Mister Bingham, did you recently have an argument with your wife, in which you threatened that you would, quote, “kill her gold-digging ass”?

Twister fling’em, I bid you decently half an hour you mint with your knife, and switch you Tibetan statue wood, goat, “thriller colt-pig alas”?

Unfortunately, the young exciting swine-horse hybrid and the rigid caprid
Alongside the blade and circuitry device belonging to you, sculpture, Tibet
While clothed, I proclaim some thirty minutes to the flavored candy in front of me
I urge the tornado to launch them…

I don’t understand the question.


One Response to “Juror #2”

  1. Thanks for the kind comments… I’ve been following the Trial since Olga pointed me at it a couple of weeks ago (is it that long ago now?). I love the humour 🙂

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