Juror #3

Shawna ignores the lawyers, mostly; they don’t talk like humans. Instead, she watches Bingham, the way she’d watch slow-motion footage of a car crash or a star imploding.

But what she sees isn’t a disaster. The way he looks at people, with those weird green eyes, the way he smiles, all shining edges. She watches with a cold surety that this man is a killer, and yet. Shouldn’t there be something wrong?

Shawna’s got a good eye, but there’s something missing in Bingham. And the more she looks, the less she knows. The less she’s sure about anything at all.


3 Responses to “Juror #3”

  1. Whats with all the lawyer hating up in here?

  2. Listen, you can talk to Juror #3, alright?

  3. Okay… this is a an opera? right? An opal? kite? seriouslyo ff the charts creative you two. (all jurors)

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