In The Delta, in the heart of Undertown, a discussion is happening. The new kid in town, Edwin (or is it Max?), is stirring up stories.

“I heard he put the crack in the Wall,” says Shook.

Quick says, “They say he knows every Word.”

“When he yawns, we get typhoons in the deep,” says Red Pete.

“He’s so dreamy,” sighs Heart.

“He beat me in an arm wrestle!” Grath shouts.

There’s a series of murmurs, gasps, whispers. The point is: this kid is kind of a big deal.

“Yeah,” mutters Greg. “And he beat my time on Luigi Circuit.”


2 Responses to “HB”

  1. Agent Heart, if you ever feel like settling, I’ll be waiting. I like a woman who can do the things you do — your work with the Fat Man was simply breathtaking.

    (Thanks everyone.)

  2. Back off Heart. :@

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