Jeremy and Samantha Bartlow

(Thanks to Olga Nunes for her wonderful vocals!)

Whose idea was yellow? My kitchen should be blue.
That’s one woman’s point of view.
And look at how he sits there, he hasn’t moved in years!
That guy’s got great taste in beer!

Samantha, relax! Stop with all the attacks and be thankful that at least the kitchen’s not black!
Jeremy, it’s not that easy you see! All these things that they’re ruining once belonged to me!

I will do my best to give these folks a break.
Please, dear, for everyone’s sake!
But if they change the carpets, then I will not be pleased!
Darling, you’re never appeased!


3 Responses to “Jeremy and Samantha Bartlow”


  2. Good CHRIST people, this is great!

    Three cheers for the crazy talented people at chez Bartlow! *Rock*.

  3. wow. I talked to Olga this morning right after she recorded it… an international musical… this is amazing and oOga’s vocals! long be dead the Bartlows!

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