Yeah, I killed a guy.

Wasn’t personal. I used to work security for this place, way under the radar, some deep bunker experimental shit. For your eyes only, burn after reading, et cetera. Worst job I ever had. Nothing fucking happened. We played a lot of euchre, me and the guards.

Then one day there’s this keening sound from the central chamber, where they’re doing the Big Thing, and out comes one of the scientists, Reinhardt. Only there’s something wrong with his face, and he’s coming right at me…

No big thing. Good to get it off my chest, though.


2 Responses to “Jacobssen”

  1. Haha…yikes.

    “…something wrong with his face…” is one of the creepiest sentence fragments…

  2. stirling Says:

    I loved this one. Also, I think I’ve played too much Half-Life, because the scientist in my head was kinda polygonish.

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