Steph and Kelly

Kelly showed up at Steph’s house with half a pizza and a bottle of wine, and they sat down and tried not to talk about Steph’s whole thing, the scene or whatever at the restaurant. Cardine had been slim on the details, anyway, and Kelly didn’t know what to ask.

Then Kelly said something about Chris, and Steph’s face changed, went still and cold, and her eyes faded, glazed, and half-closed.

“Steph?” asked Kelly. “You alright? Is this about the thing earlier? What happened?”

Steph said, “Hail, Herald, Harbinger, shaper of the path!

“Jesus Christ,” sighed Kelly. “Not you, too.”


One Response to “Steph and Kelly”

  1. I think you should publish all these in a book, called Really Short Stories.


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