Knock Knock

Seven in the morning, delirious
Heard a knocking on the door, mysterious
So I yelled “Come in!” and “Are you there?”
And finally “Is this guy serious?”
So I got up and checked behind the door myself
No one there, but I heard a knocking by the shelf
Then another in the corner, on my desk; I thought
“Whatever this thing is, I hope it’s not grotesque!”
Heard a couple more knocks beside my Lennon poster
Darted into the kitchen, knocking by the toaster
Ran towards the living room in an attempt to flee
Heard nothing but knocking coming from the TV
I ran into the bathroom, knocks in the shower
Now I knew that I’d been up for like fifty hours
But that doesn’t explain why when I ran to the den
I heard the overwhelming knocking of a thousand men

What could I do? I hopped into bed
Hoping that I’d hear the music in my dreams instead
But as soon as I’d closed my leaded eyelids
A jet black voice emerged, it said:
“What do I gotta do to get your attention?
Don’t you ever do this to me again!
It is truly beyond my comprehension
That you didn’t get to bed when I knocked at ten!”


2 Responses to “Knock Knock”

  1. You are a giant pile of cuteness. Next I’m gonna suggest a polka.

  2. stirling Says:

    A hip-hop adaptation of Poe’s The Raven just flashed through my head.

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