The Tunnels

There are tunnels that connect every building on campus, but they’re a warren of strange colours and odd turns. If you want to head north, you’re better off pushing east and then circling south. Sometimes it works. Don’t even think about getting to the library.

Most people avoid the tunnels, but every winter a handful gets desperate. So when Brian gets the call, he’s not really surprised.

*fzzk* “-ian? Help.” Even through the static his heart skips at the sound of Tomi’s voice. “-elp m-”

“Hold on,” he tells her, even as the line goes dead. “I’m on my way.”


2 Responses to “The Tunnels”

  1. Say, Greg. Let’s end the Project, and have you just write this story out in full. How about it?

  2. Tempting.

    I’ll at least promise to keep telling the story.

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