Everyone’s Greg For Halloween (A New Age Acrostic)

He spent his days writing page after page
And his nights re-enacting on the gilded stage
People flocked to see his praiseworthy plays
Packs of critics raised thumbs without delay

Yet no one knew of his second life
Baby-saving, villain-thwarting after midnight
If you tried to cause a ruckus under twilight
Rather silly of you, because he’d strip you of your eyesight

The only villain of whom he hadn’t disposed
His name was Vomitkill the Mystic and he wore purple clothes
Dusk approached, one Tuesday night
And he prepared to put him away with one final fight

You don’t need the gory details
Greatest fight I’ve ever seen
Rocky ain’t got nothing on him
Everyone’s Greg for Halloween

Greg, you’d make an excellent superhero.


6 Responses to “Everyone’s Greg For Halloween (A New Age Acrostic)”

  1. Max, that is one of the greatest birthday present I’ve ever received.


  2. haha no wonder you were up so late
    totally worth it.

  3. ps. happy birthday greg!

  4. Thanks Hayley!

  5. Heather Says:

    I like the last verse of this one in particular.

  6. stirling Says:

    fantastic. simply fantastic.

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