Frustration Fridays, Addendum

Listen. I agreed to this thing because I thought it would be fun. And then Max goes and says, “Write a story where every word is four letters long.” I mean, what the fuck? One challenge in, and I already have to bend the rules (using a loophole Max provided, because he knows when he has crafted an ingenious trap). You know what my challenge to him was? Rhyme with the word “wood.”

There is a fundamental imbalance at work here.

So let it be known that Frustration Fridays will almost inevitably escalate into a debilitating series of crippling, nonsensical restrictions that will have Max singing arias three keys outside of his range backwards, and me writing stories where every second word is larynx.


3 Responses to “Frustration Fridays, Addendum”

  1. stirling Says:

    And I expect it will be great. Every damn word and note of it.

  2. To be fair, you got your challenge first.

    To be whiny, I slept in today and had next to no time to write my song, so I didn’t get to take advantage of and completely destroy your toddler-level challenge. More like Frolicking Fridays.

    To compound the fairness presented in the first sentence, how many words rhyme with “wood”? The only word that I can think of, that I didn’t use, is “hood”, and my song only has six lines in it. Three of which end in “stood”, “understood”, and “withstood”.

    Finally, to taunt: don’t doubt my range. Bring it, señor.

  3. yey! btw hairnets sorta rhymes with larynx

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