A mist hangs in the grass, and the early sun splashes an angelic whiteness through the trees. It’s funny how beautiful everything gets before you kill someone.

Ruttingham looks too young to be a lord, but there he is, across the field. He’s haughty and well-groomed, but nervous. I don’t know what it is that makes the young ones try. I suppose they want me dead to prove a point, but that’s the first thing you learn: it doesn’t prove anything.

The best is choosing the weapon – they’re ready for gun, sword. They panic when I pick air or bacon.


4 Responses to “Duel”

  1. Haha, bacon should be cheating.

  2. oh death by bacon cracklin’ good fun. BTW your “tress” typo works beautifully invoking light tresses that we peer through.

  3. Thanks Bel, both for pointing out the typo and making me not feel like an idiot about it. I did go and change it now, though.

  4. stirling Says:

    There is nothing more badass than bacon.

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