Abigail Allison

Restriction: The words of the song must be in alphabetical order. (Hopefully I’m allowed, as a concession, to cycle through the alphabet twice, because that’s what I did.)

Abigail Allison, an average belle
Despite disgusted efforts, excitedly fell
In love, madly, majorly, messily, mistakenly
Nobody questioned, really; she started taking the

Affectionate attitude, changing disposition
Ditching, eventually, her initial intuition
Marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal reversal
Romance, she thought: ultimately universal


3 Responses to “Abigail Allison”

  1. Fantastic!

    You make it look (or, um, sound) a lot easier than I imagined it would be.

  2. I like these frustration friday things.
    They’re great.

  3. stirling Says:

    this song is a winner. top notch.

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