Call to Arms

“It’s suicide, and I won’t go down there again.” Sean skitters back and forth across the office, but Brian only needs to spin in his chair to follow him. “You remember what happened last time?”

“I remember.”

“The rats? And the Pipe Rooms, and the, fucking, I don’t know. The paintings, and that bird… thing -”

“I remember, Sean.” Brian shrugs. “It’s Tomi.”

“Nurse your own damn crush,” says Sean, and sits. Silence, then: “We’d need headlamps, and a climbing kit, and holy water, anyway.”

Brian leans forward. “What else?”

“Well, a tazer, maybe and – no. I see what you’re doing.”


One Response to “Call to Arms”

  1. You kept your promise.

    The last line’s good. It’s very you.

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