It doesn’t look like much, really. A few wires and screws, a big block of something, tied to a larger canister. The full package would fit in a shoebox. When it goes, it’ll rip out the whole foundation and bring the tower down on us all. Canned apocalypse.

There’s nothing I can do at this point. There’s no visible timer, and there’re just two cords going from the detonator to the plastique, both of them deadmen so if I try to disarm it it’ll just go early.

So here I am, waiting, thinking of her, and how I should have


3 Responses to “Tick”

  1. okay, I experienced explosive laughter after your abbreviated last line. Thanks 🙂

  2. stirling Says:

    well done, my friend. well done.

  3. Hah, awesome.

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