Two Minutes Less a Third: Out for Vengeance!

Let me tell you all a little something about Max Woghiren: he may very well be the devil.

This is the thing he doesn’t tell you, when he offers to start a project, that he’s going to scamper off and leave you with the cheque, and a series of other ridiculous demands so that at the end of the day you’re staring at an empty wallet and a sink full of dishes. Look, it’s not a great analogy.

He may be my partner in crime, but, like the best criminals, he is already planning to double cross me. Which is maybe the best possible thing I can have, as a writer: somebody willing to challenge me and keep me on my toes.

So I regret to say that my Frustration for tomorrow will have to be postponed. It’s been a long day. There’ll be a story tomorrow (it might be a little late), but the Frustration will have to go out either on the weekend or on Monday.

I beg forgiveness and salvation.


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