Stanley and Bim-Bam

“You had to open your damn mouth.”

“All I said was could I get something other than bananas.”

“Exactly. You said. You couldn’t just eek and ooh and whatever.”

“Relax. We’re on vacation.”

Stanley looks out the observation window. The Earth is like a gem. “This is not vacation. Vacations don’t feature limited oxygen and freeze-dried ice cream.”

“I love that stuff.” Bim-Bam hangs from the console by his feet.

“You would.”

“Look, Stan. When we get back we’ll be famous.”

“So we get to go to the cool monkey parties? There are only two of us in the world.”


One Response to “Stanley and Bim-Bam”

  1. Haha — Bim-Bam. He’s great.

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