Otto’s Journey

Restriction: Use exactly fifteen palindromes. I took that to mean fifteen unique palindromes. There are sixteen occurrences in here, because I had to use one twice.

Racecar Robbie pats him on the back and says, “Atta boy.”

He gulps and approaches the woman, sees her adjust her scarf, panics, then sits beside her. “Madam,” he says, meeting her eye, his face red, “I’m Otto, and I think you’re stunning. I wanted to say that. Bob said I should.”

Did he?”

“Bark at her, pup,” yells Robbie. Otto turns redder, goes, “Heh.”

The woman keeps a level smile and says, “Two things: you’ve been on my radar, too. And my name’s Hannah.”

She blows him a kiss, walks away, and all he’s left to say is “Wow.”


One Response to “Otto’s Journey”

  1. This is awesome. I like “Racecar Robbie”, which both sounds cool (alliteration and all) and sets up the handy palindrome “Bob” for later. Clever. And you didn’t even really have to make any stretches to make this work. God damn you, and well done.

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