This Ghoulish Throng

Restriction: No instruments other than your voice. Also, punch Greg in the head, next chance you get.

Looking to the left, looking to the right
How are there shadows here without a speck of light?
They’ve been crawling ’round the room for the whole of the night
Never thought I’d go crazy, but hey, I just might

Trying to clear my head, trying to close my eyes
Still seeing shadows to my frustrated surprise
Maybe it’s my mind, playing tricks that I despise
But these things are much too vivid, I don’t think that quite applies

I wish I could recall just what I’ve done wrong
To be bothered by the spirits of this ghoulish throng
Phantoms, please and thank you, say your susurrous so-longs
And leave me to my sleep, away from all your taunting songs


One Response to “This Ghoulish Throng”

  1. Hah! Stupendous.

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