Safe Place

“Alright,” says Dr. Saraco, in soothing, dulcet tones, “keep listening to my voice. I want you to go to your safe place. Can you do that, Kevin?”

Kevin nods, eyes closed.

“Tell me about your safe place, Kevin.”

Kevin adjusts on the couch, and tilts his head. “It’s warm. And it’s quiet.”

“What does it look like?”

“It’s awesome. There’s this sick couch, and a huge flat screen, and a 360 and a PS3.”

Dr. Saraco blinks. “That’s new.”

“I upgraded. For defense, there’s now titanium plating and laser turrets.”

“Laser -”

“Motion-tracking laser turrets. And a pool. And a dragon ranch.”


One Response to “Safe Place”

  1. hahahahahaha… dragon ranch.


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