Jonah and Dice

Fucking yes.  We have found the wine cellar.

It’s all bottles in wooden diamond shelves.  Dust is everywhere, and there are candles throwing up a million shadows.  I make my hand look like a bunny, until another shadow swoops from the ceiling and obliterates it.  My fingers goes numb.

I grab one of the bottles and look at the label, but I don’t know wine.  The label’s faded, anyway, and coated with grime.  Old’s good, I understand, so I go for the cork.

Jonah slaps the bottle out of my hand and it lands standing straight up on its neck.


3 Responses to “Jonah and Dice”

  1. “slaps the bottle *out* of my hand,” perhaps? not to be critical; just curious.

  2. Err, yes. “Out.”

  3. also; very cool. my appreciation for the entry was left out of my last post. oops.

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