Magic is a sex thing.

People don’t get that.  They think it’s power, religion, arcane and eldritch whatevers throwing sparklies around a room.  And yeah, ok, sometimes it’s like that.  But it’s all basically sex in the end.

There’s a binary to it.  Aggressive, destructive male forces, and healing, creative females.  And yes, I know that’s some regressive thinking, but give me a minute.

See, magic is a fusion of those forces.  It’s creating and destroying at once.  Copulation on a basic and a cosmic scale.  Crudely: magic is just getting the universe to fuck the way you want it.


2 Responses to “Spellbound”

  1. Man, this is some revolutionary thinking. Brilliant.

  2. And this is basically everything you need to know about/from that ‘Promethea’ comic. Thank you Greg.

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