Vacay for T-Gives

I’ve been going at Two Minutes Less a Third for a few months now, seven days a week, and I don’t think I’ve missed a day yet.  So, because it’s the Thanksgiving weekend (at least in Canada), and there will be family around and food to be eaten and sleep to be had, I figured it’d be a good time to take a short, sorta-kinda-vacation.

For the next couple of days, and in the future when I need a break or feel like it, I’ll be posting stories that I wrote before TMLaT began.  Some of them were published in the premiere-and-only issue of Bullets, the 100-word-story zine that never was, and some of them were for the ethereal second issue, and some were just lying around on my harddrive.  They’ll all be categorized as Bullets, regardless.  Hey, maybe this’ll spur the relaunch of that scuttled enterprise.

A final note: when I was writing Bullets, the stipulation was 100 words exactly, including title, while TMLaT has been 100 excluding.  So some of these stories might come up short, and some of them don’t have a title at all.

Happy Thanksgiving.


One Response to “Vacay for T-Gives”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

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