Since they were 16, Riley’s sunk most of his money and time into his car.  This hasn’t been a problem, but when Kay sees the newest addition, she worries.

“Um,” she says.

“I know, right?”  Riley stands on top of it, too many feet from the ground.  “I built it myself, sort of.  My uncle knows a guy in military R&D.  He helped.”

“Is it legal?”

“There aren’t really laws for it yet.  I call it the Super Woofer.”

They take it for a test run, and stand far away, behind it.  Riley blasts some Kanye and levels a city block.


2 Responses to “Kay”

  1. Not that I think anyone is actually keeping track, but this one is late (almost TOO late) because I forgot to click “Publish.” You’d think I’d have that down, 150 stories in.

  2. super woofer, eh? i want one.


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