Kr’Thakk is a terror with a sabre from dawn to about an hour after dusk, but he’s never been much for the night missions.  Relf finds him on a rock near the fire, blinking slowly.

“Thakk, you coming with?  Dwarves this time.  I’ve got 20 scullions says I come back with more beards than you.”

“No.  Thanksssss.”  Thakk shifts, swishes his tail, picks at a scale.

“C’mon.  You can wear my coat.”

“Coats.  Don’t help.”

They stare at each other.  Thakk licks at the air.

“We’ve gotta come up with a solution for this cold-blooded thing.”

“Runs.  In.  The.  Fam.”


One Response to “Cold”

  1. Greg, you are so clever.

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