Two Hundred

The wordpile’s only gotten bigger.  They seem, if possible, even farther than before.  “I’m tired now,” says Greg.

“Oh ho,” says the one.  “He’s tired.  You hear that?”

“Yes,” sighs another.  “I heard.”

“Two hundred stories is pretty good.”

“You want to be good?” the first growls.  “Or great.”

“So.  I can’t come up then?”

“You hear him?!?  Whin-”

“Listen, Greg,” the second interrupts.  “We’re not interested in adequacy.  What you’re doing – it’s still small.  Get better.  Finish what you start.”

“Don’t make me come down there,” says the first.

“Will I ever get to climb?”

“Someday,” they say.  “Maybe.”


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  1. congrats!

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