Start Spreadin’ the News

Hey all, which is to say, my three loyal readers.

Two Minutes is officially on a brief hiatus – I’ll be in New York this weekend, auditioning for schools.  I’ll fill in the missing days (which’ll be today and probably Monday) sometime next week.  Everything should be back on track by Tuesday.

Also, I know there’s been a lot of Cass lately (who I still have to tag properly, actually…).  I figured I’d run with a storyline, see if I can’t bring it to something resembling a conclusion.  Knowing me, that could be ages from now, but I’ll stick to it for another couple of weeks, probably.  If you love Cass, then you’re welcome.  If you hate her, bear with me and I promise we’ll get back to giant robots or something soon.


3 Responses to “Start Spreadin’ the News”

  1. Good luck with the auditions Greg! I’ll be sending good vibes your way.

  2. school in new york? greg, that’s wonderful. good luck with that. seriously.

    three loyal readers, eh? who may they be?

    i like cass.

  3. I was close to commenting about the lack of Cass taggage earlier.

    Good luck with the auditions, Greg.

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