The Perils of Babysitting

Mr. Hendricks fumbles with the zipper on his coat.  “He can have a little bit of ice cream before bed, and if he gets cranky, you’ve always got Finding Nemo.  Phone numbers on the fridge, I’ve got my cell.  You know the drill.”

Mrs. H smiles right through her.  “What’s in the bag, sweetie?  Homework?”

Sam looks at her duffel, back to the parents, and slaps a grin on.  “Yes,” she murmurs.  “Homework.”

She wishes them goodnight, shuts the door.  Billy’s already clutching his blankie.  “Don’t worry, Bill,” says Sam.  “You hired me for protection.  That’s what you’re gonna get.”


One Response to “The Perils of Babysitting”

  1. …Most kickass job ever?

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