That’s a pretty sexy title, right?  You were thinkin’ about it.  Sex.  Like, a little KY Jelly, maybe some natural lubricants, you’re thinkin’ about friction, about nasty, nasty friction.

What a filthy mind.

But maybe you’re not, maybe you’re pretending you’re not thinkin’ about it.  Maybe you’re thinkin’ engines, maybe you’re thinking oil, you’re thinking fluids, you’re thinkin’ ball bearings.  Am I right?

What if I told you I was talkin’ about gun grease?  That gross shit they put on automatics to make sure they don’t jam.  What about that?

You’re thinking barrel.  You’re thinking shooting.

You nasty little bitch.


One Response to “Lubricant”

  1. Man. I really am a nasty little bitch.

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