Let’s Get Ready To Sal-saaaa! Redux

Ding goes the bell, and the knives get moving, dicing onion, tomatoes, peppers.  Pans hit elements, and the temperature in the room ticks up a notch.  This isn’t Vincent’s first time in Culinaseum, but Nacho Night’s always something special.

“Cora’s got a serious hard on for habanero,” he whispers to Jason.

“It’s cute.  Look at the way her brow furrows.”

There is a quiet, broiling intensity in the room, and a smell that can only be described as Mexican.  Vincent’s mouth starts to water.

“Sometimes I wish we could just eat dips.”

“I do,” says Jason.  “It’s fucking wonderful, man.”


One Response to “Let’s Get Ready To Sal-saaaa! Redux”

  1. stirling Says:

    man, i wish i could just eat dips…

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