We’ll Call This 300

This time, Greg doesn’t go to the Wordpile.  He knows what they’ll say.

Instead, it’s through the cave, into the mines.  The walls glitter, rich veins of story, just under the diamond-hard surface.  His memories of the mines aren’t always fond – the things that seep here, the blood and tears, have a way of washing back over you.  There are the things you thought you lost.

But this is where he’s vowed to stay.  This is where he’ll toil till the bones show through.  Because underneath that rock and soot, maybe there’s something beautiful to find.

He gets to work.


4 Responses to “We’ll Call This 300”

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  2. stirling Says:


  3. Made me smile.

    Love, love, love!!!

  4. Lots of guys talk about this matter but you said really true words.

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