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The Unveiling

Posted in Chasing Concordia, Frustration!, Haunting the Goddards on August 13, 2008 by mbingo

Restriction: Have four distinct characters, whose vocals overlap during the song.

[ACT 1]

(Benjamin Bartlow)
Julianne, it could work if we try
I don’t see our relationship failing
Why are ghosts and the living so often apart?
I’ve had enough of this veiling…

(Julianne Goddard)
Dad, I feel it again
Like I said, it’s that vibe, it’s that smell-but-not-quite
And whenever this happens
I get this bad feeling we’re in for a fright…

[ACT 2]

(Michael Goddard)
What’s going on here?
Who’s that in the corner?
My God, you’re were right, dear
Julianne, I’m sorry

I can’t believe my eyes
I just never realized that our house is really haunted

You must be the Bartlows
Aren’t you Bartlows?
I knew it all along!
I’m going crazy
We’re going crazy
I knew it all along!

(Julianne Goddard)
Daddy, look, I told you!
Told you, told you, told you!
They made the rattling!
They rearrange things!

I knew all along, Dad
You thought that I was wrong, but our house is really haunted

Dad, are they the Bartlows?
They must be the Bartlows!
I knew it all along!
See, I’m not crazy!
Daddy, I’m not crazy!
I knew it all along!

(Kathy Goddard)
I’ve never seen those flowers
Where did they come from?
No wonder I can’t
Get a wink of sleep here

All along I knew
Though I thought it can’t be true, that our house is really haunted

Ah, so you’re the Bartlows
The poor, poor Bartlows
I knew it all along!
This house is crazy
I knew this house was crazy!
I knew it all along!

Brooke’s Apartment

Posted in Frustration!, Two Minutes Less a Third on August 8, 2008 by jeereg

Restriction: Give your story a two-word title. Then, use that title seven times in the story.


GEORGE: What time are we supposed to be at Brooke’s apartment?

(Shots of the gang in slow mo. Cut to Brooke in tank top and panties, talking on the phone.)

BROOKE: I don’t know if I want to have this party in Brooke’s apartment –

TANYA: Your apartment.

BROOKE: Whatever.

(Shots of the party, flashing lights, rapid dramatic edits.)

FLOURETTE: Guys, there’s something wrong with Brooke’s apartment.

GEORGE: What do you mean?

FLOURETTE: I think Brooke’s apartment is possessed.

GEORGE: Haunted?

FLOURETTE: Whatever.

SPOOTER: Let’s get out of Brooke’s apartment!

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This Ghoulish Throng

Posted in Frustration!, Senses and Nonsenses on August 8, 2008 by mbingo

Restriction: No instruments other than your voice. Also, punch Greg in the head, next chance you get.

Looking to the left, looking to the right
How are there shadows here without a speck of light?
They’ve been crawling ’round the room for the whole of the night
Never thought I’d go crazy, but hey, I just might

Trying to clear my head, trying to close my eyes
Still seeing shadows to my frustrated surprise
Maybe it’s my mind, playing tricks that I despise
But these things are much too vivid, I don’t think that quite applies

I wish I could recall just what I’ve done wrong
To be bothered by the spirits of this ghoulish throng
Phantoms, please and thank you, say your susurrous so-longs
And leave me to my sleep, away from all your taunting songs

Otto’s Journey

Posted in Frustration!, Two Minutes Less a Third on August 4, 2008 by jeereg

Restriction: Use exactly fifteen palindromes. I took that to mean fifteen unique palindromes. There are sixteen occurrences in here, because I had to use one twice.

Racecar Robbie pats him on the back and says, “Atta boy.”

He gulps and approaches the woman, sees her adjust her scarf, panics, then sits beside her. “Madam,” he says, meeting her eye, his face red, “I’m Otto, and I think you’re stunning. I wanted to say that. Bob said I should.”

Did he?”

“Bark at her, pup,” yells Robbie. Otto turns redder, goes, “Heh.”

The woman keeps a level smile and says, “Two things: you’ve been on my radar, too. And my name’s Hannah.”

She blows him a kiss, walks away, and all he’s left to say is “Wow.”

Breathing Ice

Posted in Frustration!, Two Minutes Less a Third on July 25, 2008 by jeereg

Restriction: Write the whole story in only one sentence.

In the second right before, when it’s like mountain climbing, like he’s breathing ice, he thinks maybe she moves just a little bit toward him, a shift of weight or intention or something, so subtle that, for years afterwards, he wonders if he imagined it, if he had wanted her to move so badly that he pretended, pretended that he had the courage to reach for her, touch her, kiss her, and all he wants to do is ask her, beg her to tell him and let him try again, and he would, if only he could see her again.

Abigail Allison

Posted in Chasing Concordia, Frustration! on July 25, 2008 by mbingo

Restriction: The words of the song must be in alphabetical order. (Hopefully I’m allowed, as a concession, to cycle through the alphabet twice, because that’s what I did.)

Abigail Allison, an average belle
Despite disgusted efforts, excitedly fell
In love, madly, majorly, messily, mistakenly
Nobody questioned, really; she started taking the

Affectionate attitude, changing disposition
Ditching, eventually, her initial intuition
Marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal reversal
Romance, she thought: ultimately universal

Four in the Morn

Posted in Frustration!, Two Minutes Less a Third on July 18, 2008 by jeereg

Restriction: No more than four letters a word.

“I can’t do this,” says Dave. “It’s not-”

“It’s fine,” says Jude. They are on the roof, the city wide and low. Dave sees Jude toss the butt of the jay over the side.

“This is dumb,” says Dave.

“It’s not dumb. It’ll work. This is what we paid for.”

Dave puts both arms out, and juts his toes over the edge. “How do you know it’ll work?”

“Have I ever done you a bad turn?” says Jude.


“Don’t fret on it, then. Just do it.”

Dave says, “Fuck,” puts his foot out, and lets the fall take him.