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Strange Games

Posted in Strange Games on August 23, 2008 by jeereg

At the front are games you’ll recognize – played with cards, with dice, with tiny figures. Sit for a while. You might learn something.

Past those tables there lives a whole new breed of game. Some you can play by your wits, and others you won’t have the tools to even see. Don’t look too closely or too long at anyone. Be wary of challenges. If you have to, run. Fast.

The further you go, the older the games, the less you’ll understand.

If you’re smart and lucky, they’ll ask you to join the high rollers. Don’t make the choice lightly.

Strange Games

Posted in Strange Games on May 16, 2008 by jeereg

It’s not hard to find them, it’s just hard getting back.

First, go into a graveyard. Start from the stone that’s furthest north, and count to thirteen in whatever direction the wind is blowing. (That’s the only tricky part – the wind changes, even with the dead.) Look for the chalk mark on the top of the last one. Check it against the legend: it’ll tell you where to go.

When you get there, knock twice. Tell them a secret. Absolutely do not lie. Seriously.

Then the games start. Remember: bring your wits, a good pair of shoes, and nothing else.