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Tall Red Letters

Posted in The Savage Warren on November 28, 2008 by jeereg

Something creeps through the blackness.

Tomi, like any half-smart student of the university, has a charged flashlight in her backpack in the event that she needs to brave the tunnels, but since she made that left turn, she’s used it sparingly.  Things get dark early down here.  She’s not even sure it’s Tuesday anymore.

The Something shuffles around a corner.  She gives it a few seconds, then tries the light.

The graffiti in the depths is creative.  She’s seen poetry and murals, and at least one reference to cake. In front of her now, in tall red letters: HI TOMI.


Posted in The Savage Warren on September 15, 2008 by jeereg

Darryl’s apartment is full of stuff: books, statues, globes, toys, gears, tools, clocks.  Brian looks at the newspaper clippings on the walls, but can’t discern a theme or pattern.  Some of them are hung upside down.

“It’s like that shed in A Beautiful Mind,” says Kasia, sitting on a stack of magazines.

“I hate that fucking movie.”

“Yeah.  Still.”

Through the door, there’s the wordless back and forth murmur of Darryl and Sean.

Kasia gnaws on her hair.  “When are they gonna be -”

“Three seconds.”

The door opens.  Darryl steps out, cleans his glasses, meets their eyes.

“Let’s do this.”


Posted in The Savage Warren on August 27, 2008 by jeereg

Getting Kasia on board is as easy as a phone call – she’s there with her gear in an hour. The only one left is Darryl, so the three of them line up on the sidewalk in front of his house.

“Can’t we do this without him?” Kasia grumbles. “He’s not gonna want to go back. Not after last time.”

A second of silence. Brian looks at Sean.

“We gotta do this.” He steps up to the door. “We can’t risk it without him.” He knocks twice, and then again, and for a long time there’s nothing.

Then the door opens.

Call to Arms

Posted in The Savage Warren on July 26, 2008 by jeereg

“It’s suicide, and I won’t go down there again.” Sean skitters back and forth across the office, but Brian only needs to spin in his chair to follow him. “You remember what happened last time?”

“I remember.”

“The rats? And the Pipe Rooms, and the, fucking, I don’t know. The paintings, and that bird… thing -”

“I remember, Sean.” Brian shrugs. “It’s Tomi.”

“Nurse your own damn crush,” says Sean, and sits. Silence, then: “We’d need headlamps, and a climbing kit, and holy water, anyway.”

Brian leans forward. “What else?”

“Well, a tazer, maybe and – no. I see what you’re doing.”

The Tunnels

Posted in The Savage Warren on July 9, 2008 by jeereg

There are tunnels that connect every building on campus, but they’re a warren of strange colours and odd turns. If you want to head north, you’re better off pushing east and then circling south. Sometimes it works. Don’t even think about getting to the library.

Most people avoid the tunnels, but every winter a handful gets desperate. So when Brian gets the call, he’s not really surprised.

*fzzk* “-ian? Help.” Even through the static his heart skips at the sound of Tomi’s voice. “-elp m-”

“Hold on,” he tells her, even as the line goes dead. “I’m on my way.”