The Goat And The Moose

The goat climbed the mountain claiming royalty
He looked across the land at those he deemed inferior
Began his speech demanding loyalty
Slowly revealing his jet black interior

Along came the moose who showed his might and power
Effortless, magnificent, with great technique
No one would deny this was his finest hour
He claimed his rightful spot atop the regal peak

The goat tried to usurp the throne but came up short
The moose was sturdy as a rock, the goat a feather
The goat made a proposal, his last resort
The moose kindly agreed to rule the land together

The goat stood proudly with the moose on the summit
But taking full advantage, pushed him over the edge
The goat began to taunt him saying, “Overcome it!”
“Oh no,” said Moose, “in other ways I’ll get revenge!”


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