Swagga Like, Um

Can’t no one match his swagga.  Boy comes correck.  He stands on the corner like issa brand new day.

“What the fuck are you doing?” says Tom.

“Fuck it look like I’m doin’, bitch,” says Hugh.

“You look like you’re being a fucking idiot.”

“Man, you bess step up off my corner, ni-”

“WHOA.  Hey.  Listen.  You need to stop this shit immediately.”

“Ain’t no shit here, muhfuckah.”

Tom walks up to Hugh and flicks his ear.  “Ah!” Hugh winces.  “What the hell, man?”

“I had to snap you out of it.”

“Snap nothin’, this here’s -”



One Response to “Swagga Like, Um”

  1. I’m still mad about the truce, but this is hilarious.

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