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The Ascension of Hiram Mavenly and His Manipulative Rhetoric

Posted in The Queen of Lumina on July 14, 2008 by mbingo

Good people of Lumina, we must be strong
We must stay a country of dancing and song
The Queen has laid ground on which we must all build
Her vision of our nation must be fulfilled

These suckers, these brats! They love every word!
As if the Queen’s tragedy had never occurred
And now I’m in power, now I am the man
And now I can execute my evil plan!

Our nation need not be so sullen and dour
We can overcome this, our murkiest hour
With King Mavenly in the ivory tower
We will once again be of rainbows and flowers!


The Emergence of Hiram Mavenly and His Iniquitous Chortles

Posted in The Queen of Lumina on June 9, 2008 by mbingo

We have lost our queen
What are we to do now?
We have lost our queen
What are we to do now?

Yes! Look at those sorry saps, thinking this was all a mistake!
The country of Lumina will be mine to overtake!
Who will restore calm and harmony, and end the anarchy?
None other than future King Mavenly, the land will belong to me!

The Disappearance of Matilda Bassette and Her Halcyon Rule

Posted in The Queen of Lumina on June 2, 2008 by mbingo

All the dulcet days, dancing and praise, city hearts all ablaze
All the redolent years, the bliss and the cheers, and the jubilant tears

Now it’s clear more than ever that these days won’t return
Unless we can find Matilda, greatest queen we have ever known

Everybody has searched, prayed during church, but we still reminisce
Where could Matilda have gone, and why would she go? Is there something amiss?