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Jonah and Dice

Posted in The Funhouse on May 31, 2008 by jeereg

Jonah’s being kind of a dick. I get it, his hands are bloody or something, he’s going crazy but so’s everybody, right?

I’m trying to show him this bird bath. There’s a statue of a raven on the edge, surrounded by a silver cage like a shell.

“That looks familiar,” says Jonah, pointing to this stone girl screaming.

Whatever. He thinks someone’s been following us since the ballroom.

Something hisses in a bush, but I get that itch that I get, so I push down on the raven’s head. The stones around the birdbath descend and become a stairwell.


The Herald

Posted in Things Break Down on May 30, 2008 by jeereg

Kelly was the Herald, but she didn’t know it yet. They’d sent plenty of signs: radios changed suddenly, playing songs with messages in the lyrics, and dogs stopped by her and barked in Morse code. The guy who was always outside the liquor store, who talked like a pirate, praised her as the Beacon and the Hope.

Kelly didn’t notice any of it. She was too worried about Chris, about this party tonight and what he was going to say.

She finally took the hint when the stars reshaped into giant glowing letters:



Posted in Finnegan and Sam on May 30, 2008 by mbingo

Who takes interest in a man with no interests but bottles and turtles?
Who waits daily by the springs hoping to observe a hopeless cur like me?
He has better things to do, learn and travel, earn and love and live
And if he were not my son, I’d go back to Sicky Lane and I’d give him my advice


Posted in Two Minutes Less a Third on May 29, 2008 by jeereg

There is a Hole in the world, and through it dark things writhe, shriek, plot. It’s a thin veil between our mundane lives and ancient evils beyond comprehension, and at the mouth of this blasted cave, in its very maw, Gatekeeper Cecil is rolling a joint.

“Ain’t so bad. Once you figger the voices in yer head ain’t all yours, it’s kinda soothin’,” he tells you. He prods at the pot of beans bubbling over the fire. “They keep me comp’ny.”

From the bowels of darkness comes a sound like a million weeping children. Cecil winks and sparks the jay.

The Capes

Posted in Unstoppable Joe and the Kid Stupendous on May 28, 2008 by jeereg

“TREMBLE, PUNY HUMANS!” roars Nemesaur. “I HAVE –

“Whoa,” says Unstoppable Joe. “Dial that back. You’re not Spinal Tap.”

“Yeah,” says Kid Stupendous. “Who?”

“Seriously? You don’t know -”


“Give us a minute Nemmy.” Joe stops, looks at the beast. “Wait, is that new armour?”


“You look like a Zord,” says the Kid.

“That was Power Rangers.”

“Of course.”

“You couldn’t have done Transformers, at least?”

“Sorry gramps, but -”

Nemesaur stomps, gnashes his teeth. “I WILL FEAST ON YOUR MARROW!

Joe says, “Shut up for a second,” and throws a car at him.

The Shyster Gods

Posted in Chasing Concordia on May 28, 2008 by mbingo

We’ll give them what they want, and then we’ll take it away


Posted in Bastion on May 27, 2008 by jeereg

Shook shoved his hands in his pockets and strode towards the mess, huddled into his jacket against the alternating heat and cold. He walked through patches of dusk and morning and moonless night that skittered across the courtyard.

Rupture and Yank were sharing a cigarette just outside the door. “You don’t want to go in there,” said Yank, twirling the smoke in his long fingers. “Cloister’s holding court. Preaching about our lost purpose.”

“What’s for dinner?” asked Shook.

Rupture shrugged. “Usual. Bits of morale, hope, whatever they can parse out of the heartbox.”

Shook sighed. “I hate this fucking siege.”